In exchange for free alcohol and the atmosphere of a real casino, each online casino has developed its own bonus system, a kind of promotion for regular and new players. Bonus – a specific amount of money that the casino gives you for a deposit. As a rule, this present is expressed as a percentage

of your contribution.

It is important to know that all bonuses must be won back, in other words, to make a certain number of bets or bets for a certain amount. It is worth considering that each casino has its own rules for wagering the bonus.

How to wager casino bonuses? When wagering bonuses, they usually use the optimal strategy for a particular game, and play the game with minimal even bets. Therefore, before you deposit money into your account, you should carefully read the rules of this or that institution. In almost all casinos, when winning bonuses, bets on some types of games are not taken into account or are not fully taken into account. Here you also need to look at the rules of a particular casino, they are all different.

Welcome Bonus:

The bonus when registering at the casino, this is the so-called welcome bonus for new players, is given after you register your game account for real money and make your first deposit for the amount not less than specified in the casino offer. Usually the minimum amount for replenishment is not more than $ 20-50 and the percentage given to the player in the form of a bonus does not exceed 100. The amount is almost always limited from above, for example, a casino will not be able to give you more than $ 1000 as a bonus, although in fact many casinos have a much higher amount. All bonus offers can be found in casino reviews or in the permanent bonuses section.

No deposit bonus

The most favorite no deposit bonuses, in this case the casino gives you money just like that. Most often this happens after registration, in some cases, bonuses are given out on a birthday, or if you are a frequent visitor to a particular casino. Often, the bonus amount after registration is $ 5-10, this is quite enough to understand the essence of the game.

Bonus for attracting a player.

For the invitation of your friend, acquaintance, the casino can thank you with a small monetary incentive. 

Recharge Bonuses

The largest group of bonuses. Each casino develops its own bonus scheme, which changes periodically. Basically, you can allocate monthly bonuses, i.e. a bonus on any deposit that you make once a month, as well as bonuses on the second, third, fourth, etc. deposit. Usually the bonus is expressed as a percentage of the funds you deposit and is limited to a fixed amount on top. For example, if the bonus on the second deposit is 100%, this does not mean that you can top up your account with $ 2000 and get the same amount from above, most likely the amount will be limited from above, for example, only $ 500. Usually for such players at large bets there are separate rules for bonuses.

Each casino also indicates the maximum amount of bonuses it can give a player for a certain period of time. And also stipulates the minimum amount paid by a player to receive a bonus. Usually these are small amounts of $ 10-50, i.e. if you deposit $ 8, then you can forget about the bonus, it’s much more interesting to deposit $ 10, get a bonus and play already with $ 20. In general, there is only one piece of advice – read the rules of each particular casino, they are never hidden and are always described in the rules or in the special section on bonuses. 

Other bonuses:

They can be “replenish your account with $ 5 and get $ 5 from the top. Or for example a casino birthday bonus. In general, as was said, in connection with the great competition, casinos come up with the most diverse ways to encourage their players, and here you need to choose exactly what suits you best. Well, in conclusion, it is worth saying that you have the right to completely refuse any bonuses and calmly play only with your own money